Glass House, Fulham

The Glass House was established at Lettice Street, Fulham in 1906 and lasted nearly ninety years eventually closing in 1993. Mary Lowndes and Alfred Drury were the protagonists and establish the eponymous company of Lowndes & Drury. The building was purpose-built with large windows to provide enough light for the artists to carry out their intricate strained glass endeavours. Many artists with Arts & Crafts Movement leanings used the studios. These included amongst many Hugh Arnold (1872-1915), Edward Liddall Armitage (1887-1967), Robert Anning Bell, Harry Clarke (1889-1931), Louis Davis, Clare Dawson (1891-1988), Wilhemina Geddes, Henry Holiday, Joan Howson, Mary Lowndes, Rachel de Montmorency, Karl Parsons (1884-1934), Lilian Pocock, Margaret Agnes Rope, Margaret Edith Rope, Arild Rosenkrantz, Theodora Salusbury, Margaret Thompson, Caroline Townshend, Margaret Traherne, Christopher Whall, and latterly Moira Forsyth.

Number of Artists referenced: 18