Reimann School

The Reimann School, was a private school of German origin for practical design and the first commercial art school in Britain. Albert and Klara Reimann founded the Reimann School in Berlin in 1902. By 1914 they had developed a successful vocational curriculum that trained students not so much for the Arts and Crafts Movement, but for the design aspects of the commercial world. Graphics for printing, window display, stage design, fabric design, and fashion-related classes were offered. Driven from Germany by virulent Nazism the School was re-established in London in January 1937. Its teachers included a young Leonard Rosoman, Eric Fraser, Milner Gray and Merlyn Evans with the poster designer Austin Cooper acting as Principal. Occasional lecturers included E. McKnight Kauffer and a young Richard Hamilton later to become a famous Pop Artist worked for a time in the Display Department. Drawing, graphic design and photography were all part of the curriculum. Its alumni included designer Bruce Angrave and Dorrit Dekk. By 1940 the School had closed due to the commencement of hostilities and ironically in 1943 enemy bombing destroyed the premises which were located in Regency Street, Pimlico.

Number of Artists referenced: 13